lunes, 22 de abril de 2013

Algunos de nuestros diseños

Terciopelo italiano negro, cierre con cordón, apliques de pasamanería en forma de monedas
totalmante forradas

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  1. What are these bags beautiful.Usually I knit or crochet my tarot bags. But these fabrics look so soft:) Lots of Stars!!

  2. Thank you Ellen!!! We make bags for tarot decks, oracles, or crystals or simply it can be used to keep whatever you want, like little treasures, like souvenirs, medals, rings, letters, the sort of things we use to keep for ever :) Some are made of silk, or velvet and others with drawings (we make) printed by sublimating. Thanks and Muchas Estrellas for you too!!!!

  3. Hi Zanna!!!! Thank you very much!!! We send you Muchas Estrellas!!!!!!! :)